How much is tuition and when is it due?

Tuition is due on the 1st of the month starting in September and last tuition payment on May 1st.
A $25.00 fee will be added to tuition payments that are not paid by the 10th of each month. Returned check fee is $25.00.

Monthly tuition remains the same regardless of the number of weeks in a month. No credits are given for missed classes.

*There is a 5% discount for full tuition payment at the time of registration.
Discount will not apply after the August registration dates.

*There will also be a $40 Recital fee due in November.

How much attendance is required?

Attendance is your responsibility. If a dancer has poor attendance, they will start to fall behind in their dance subject. Students that miss 3 consecutive weeks of dance will be removed from the class and his/her spot will be given to the first person on the wait list. A successful dance year requires a commitment from the dancers and their parents.

What attire is required for classes and practice?

Any leotard and tights may be worn to class as long as it is simple and conservative in style. Tights must be worn at all times. A basic outfit is required for students ages 3 to intermediate. The basic outfit will be worn for the Cherry Blossom performance and visitors’ day. Hair should be pulled off the face and held securely. Combination classes require both pink ballet shoes and black tap shoes. Dance skirts are allowed for ballet and tap. Jazz pants are for Tap, Jazz and Hip Hop only. All basic outfits, jazz pants, and jazz shorts can be purchased at Bobo’s Dance Supply.

How much are dance costumes?

Dance costumes will be ordered for our end of the year recital and will require a deposit the week of October 2nd. The remaining balance will be due the week of December 4th. Any dancer that chooses to withdraw from dancing, after the costumes have been ordered, a $5.00 Dance Dynamics studio cancellation fee will be taken from the costume deposit for each costume that has been ordered. Also, costume companies have their own cancellation fee. Any cancellation fees that are required by the different dance costume companies will also be taken from the October costume deposit.

Dance Costume Deposits are as follows:
$50.00 deposit for 3-year-old class ONLY
$75.00 deposit for 2 hours or less a week
$125.00 deposit for 2.25 or more hours a week
$250.00 deposit for families with two or more dancers

How much is the company deposit?

Company deposits are based on how many dances your dancer will be in (company and regular dances).

On average, company costumes cost between $65-$75 per dance. Our company deposit will be given out at our annual meeting in August.

1st deposit due August 7th
2nd deposit due September 11th
3rd deposit due October 2nd
4th deposit due October 23rd