Be in Good Company

At Dance Dynamics, many of our dancers are not members of other teams or organizations. We’ve found that many of the dancers who come through our studio are looking for their place and a sense of belonging. Dance Dynamics Dance Company provides this opportunity. Your kids will have the chance to connect with other kids who share their passion for dance. They will be a part of a true team where they will feel a true sense of belonging.

2021-2022 DDC auditions:

Tuesday, July 27 & Wednesday, July 28

contact us for audition information @


Dance Company Levels


Our Sparks level are for 1st through 4th graders. They will have the opportunity to attend a convention and a competition during the year. These are our #FierceMinis and we love helping them get involved in the world of competitive dance!


Ages 8-9. Primary teams compete in lyrical, tap, and/or jazz. They will have the opportunity to participate in up to four competitions and four conventions throughout the year.


Ages 9-10. Junior level dancers compete in lyrical/contemporary, tap, and/or jazz.


The Junior Elite level companies are considered to be at an “advanced Junior” level and are typically 6th and 7th graders. Junior Elite level dancers compete in lyrical/contemporary, tap, and/or  jazz, and are allowed to audition for hip hop.


The Teen level companies are for 8th to 10th graders. Teens can compete in tap, jazz, lyrical, and/or hip hop.


Our Senior level companies are for 9th to 12th graders. Seniors compete in tap, jazz, lyrical, and/or hip hop.


To compete in the Elite company, dancers are required to be in the senior program for at least a year. Elite dance pieces are typically jazz and contemporary.

Specialty | Fusion:

Our Specialty and Fusion teams are made up of dancers of all ages and levels. Dancers are selected by the instructor for specific pieces.

*Level placement is at the discretion of the instructors.


Once a dancer is a dance company member, they are allowed to miss four total classes per dance subject. After the fourth absence, the dancer will be removed from one dance. Only two make-up classes per day the dancer dances and two sit-out classes will be allowed.

Apprentice Program

Our Apprentice Program allows dancers to attend class within a competition class as an understudy. Understudies must be at all August choreography classes and all following classes. They are not responsible for any choreography fees or monthly tuition for the class. In the event a team member cannot perform, the understudy is asked to step in as the alternate dancer.

The original team member is required to pay any fees for the understudy and allow the use of their costume for the event. The apprentice program does not guarantee future placement in any competition teams, and apprentices are expected to meet the attendance requirements in order to be an eligible understudy and team member.


2021-2022 Dance Dynamics Company

To become a member of the dance company, dancers are required to receive four summer dance credits and will need to audition in the fall before the start of the dance year. During auditions, dancers will learn a small choreographed piece, which will be performed in front of our instructors. Additionally, a dancer may be asked to learn and perform an across the floor combination, as well as specific moves.



Ruby Hilliard

Nickname: Rubles
Favorite Dance Genre: Jazz
Favorite Season:  COMP SEASON BABY!
Sweet or Sour? Definitely Sour
Mountains or Beach? Beach
Favorite Quote: “Shake it for Jesus” #typical

Emma Grace Stanfield

Nickname: Duck | Doodlebug
Favorite Dance Genres:  Contemporary or Jazz
Favorite Season: FALL! #PumpkinSeason #SweaterSeason
Would you rather play in the snow with Olaf or go Ice Skating with Elsa? Play in the SNOW with OLAF!!!
Interesting Fact: I was born 3 months early & weighed 1lbs 1 oz.
Favorite Quote: “It’s better to try & fail than to not try at all.”

Allie Emory

Nickname: AL
Favorite Dance Genre:  Tap
Favorite Food: Frozen Strawberries
Interesting Fact: I can squawk like a seagull
Who Inspires you: My friends!  They are the best!
Favorite Scripture: Deuteronomy 31:6

Naomi Do

Nickname: Nay Nay
Favorite Dance Genre:  Contemporary
Favorite Food: PASTA!
Beach or Mountains:  Mountains
Would you rather be able to fly or turn invisible: Invisible
Favorite Quote: “Practice Makes Perfect”

Alexiss Hornaday

Nickname: Lexie | Peanut
Favorite Dance Genre:  Jazz
Favorite Season:  Winter
Favorite Food: Frozen Pizza
Would you rather live in Narnia or Hogwarts? Hogwarts
Favorite Quote: “For the love of dance”

Laney Childers

Nickname: Chantie
Favorite Dance Genre:  Contemporary
Favorite Color: Yellow and Baby Blue
Interesting Fact: SNORTING!
Salty or Sweet? SALTY!!
Would you rather have a fairy godmother or a magic mirror? Fairy Godmother

Kinsley Johnson

Nickname: KK or Kins
Favorite Dance Genre:  Acro
Favorite Food: Ice Cream
Interesting Fact: I can play the violin.
Would you rather take a 1 week trip to a foreign country or a 4 week trip around USA? A 4 week trip around USA!
Favorite Quote: “Shake it for Jesus!”

Elisa Aguirre

Nickname: Isa | Monkey
Favorite Dance Genre:  Contemporary and Hip Hop
Favorite Song to Dance to: Dua Lipa Songs
Favorite Food: Pickles
Sweet or Sour: SOUR!
Mountains or Beach: BOTH!!
Favorite Quote: “Shake it for Jesus!”

Eleanor Kell

Nickname: Ella
Favorite Color: Blue
Salty or Sweet: Salty
Interesting Fact: I have 3 cats!
Would you rather live in Pixie Hollow or in Cinderella’s Castle?  Pixie Hollow!
Favorite Quote: Everything deserves to live.

Reagan McCall

Nickname: Rea Rea
Favorite Dance Genre:  Jazz
Favorite Food: Pizza
Favorite Holiday: Christmas
Favorite Song to dance to:  Shake It Off
Would you rather be able to fly or be able to turn invisible?  FLY!

Aniaya Frazier-Jaye

~ Dancer has a Quick Change ~
Information Coming Soon!!

Julia Mayo

Nickname: Jules | Donkey | Juliabug
Favorite Dance Genre:  Lyrical
Favorite Food: Pasta Salad | Cucumbers
Interesting Fact: I love to go horseback riding!
Who Inspires you: My Grandpa.  I always feel like he is right beside me encouraging me to do my best.
Favorite Quote: #GoCocoWhenYouGotta

Landri Edwards

~ Dancer has a Quick Change ~
Information Coming Soon!!

Bella Emory

Nickname: Belle | Bookie
Favorite Dance Genre:  Musical Theatre
Favorite Food: Moms Homemade Alfredo Pasta
Interesting Fact: I can sing!
Favorite songs to dance to:  Havana and Wildflower
Favorite Quote: #YouDoYouBoo